Hello Pakistan: Shehar Bano Rizvi’s Homage to Heritage Takes Readers By Storm ‘Virsa – A Culinary Journey From Agra To Karachi’ Represents Home Away From Home

International blogger and photographer Shehar Bano Rizvi recently launched her cookbook ‘Virsa – A Culinary Journey From Agra To Karachi’. As an homage to her heritage, the former Project Management Professional decided to rediscover herself through the art of cooking, particularly her family’s heirloom recipes. In a recent interview, Rizvi discussed her reason for writing […]

The Mail: Virsa, a culinary journey from Agra to Karachi

Inspired by her cultural background. Rizvi named the book ‘Virsa’ which means ‘Heritage’ in Urdu. The book is an ode to the author’s family heritage, comprised of over a hundred traditional eastern dishes which are easy for any beginner to make.  Read the complete article on The Mail News